WhalePower at the DX Design and Business Forum March 24, 2010

Register to come and hear a presentation from WhalePower Corporation and EnviraNorth Systems Ltd. at the DX Design and Business Forum on March 24, 2010! This impressive Forum will feature numerous presentations from various corporations and Institutions. WhalePower's own Stephen W. Dewar (V.P. Business Affairs, Director of R&D and co-founder) will make a presentation not to be missed on Biobusiness.

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WhalePower on Global News this Sunday, November 22, 2009!

Want to learn a bit more about WhalePower Tubercle Technology? Catch this week's episode of Global's 16:9 on Sunday November 22, 2009! The show will air 6:30pm ET/CT      7:00pm PT/MT on local channel 3.

Become a Fan of WhalePower on Facebook!

You can now hear the latest on the WhalePower Corporation on Facebook!  Look up our Facebook Page, WhalePower Tubercle Technology,  in your search engine and become a fan or click on the link below! The page is complete with links to articles on our technology, photos, videos, and our brand new discussion board where you can post queries and express yourself about our developments!

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WhalePower to be Featured on Global

WhalePower will be the subject of a feature on Global News World!   If you would like to watch the latest coverage on WhalePower, tune in to Global News World (local channel 3) on Sunday September 27th at 6pm and 11pm. Global News World will run a feature on our corporation and its breakthrough Green Technology .

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May 22, 2009.


WhalePower Corporation is pleased to announce that its revolutionary blade design has advanced to the finals in the prestigious biannual INDEX international design competition. INDEX, of Copenhagen, Denmark offers a 100,000 Euro prize in each of five categories. INDEX has selected WhalePower’s Tubercle Technology, inspired by the bumps on humpback whale flippers, and retrofitted onto a wind turbine‘s blades, to compete in its Community category.

Tubercled blades have been shown to increase annual electrical production by 20% while greatly reducing noise. The same design is applicable to fans, pumps and compressors and is a great advance both in the conservation and the production of electricity from renewable sources. Finalists’ design models will be on permanent display in Copenhagen, and travel in a touring show through Asia and Europe. Winners will be announced at the end of August, 2009.

For more information on INDEX please click here.

For more information on WhalePower's finalist status in the INDEX: 2009 Awards please click here.



Two recently published documents that report on Whalepower’s exclusive technology are now available for download. You can also read more about these exciting findings in this Press Release.

Download the original documents here:

(1) The Wind Energy Institute of Canada’s field test report on WhalePower’s unique Tubercle Technology turbine. 

(2) An expert's analysis of the above WEICan report.



Inspired by the flippers of Humpback Whales,  WhalePower has developed something truly remarkable – Tubercle Technology – which takes its name from the bumps on the leading edge of the whale’s flippers.


Tubercle Technology is more than just another blade design: It is a fundamental advance in fluid dynamics which will transform a host of machines built on that challenging science. Just when the world needs it most, Tubercle Technology offers new options. Turbines, compressors, pumps and fans will never be the same again.

Standby! The Whale is about to break through conventional limitations.


Tubercle Technology began with WhalePower President, Dr. Frank E. Fish solving one of Nature's mysteries: How was it possible for Humpback Whales to be so astonishingly agile?  The answer: those strange bumps produce the “tubercle effect”  which was first described by  Dr. Fish. WhalePower, building on the science,  adds precisely formed versions of those bumps to the leading edges of the blades or rotors at the heart of  almost any machine designed to work with any fluid whether air, water, steam or oil.


In wind tunnel and water tunnel studies,  tubercle blades easily overcome fluid dynamic “limitations” that were once considered unavoidable laws by engineers, technicians and scientists.

  • Tubercle Technology wind turbines will be more efficient and more reliable.
  • Tubercle Technology hydroelectric turbines will open up vast new opportunities in power generation.
  • Tubercle Technology pumps will deliver enhanced efficiency for everything from municipal water systems to farm irrigation.
  • And last - but certainly not least - Tubercle Technology will truly revolutionize fans. Everything from ceiling fans to HVAC fans to large scale ventilation fans will need less power and will be quieter as well.

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WhalePower Corporation has a new blog

Check it out today! www.whalepowercorporation.com

UPDATE: Where in the World is the INDEX Award Traveling Exhibit now?

 From October 2010 through February 2011, WhalePower's display in the innovative traveling design exhibit from the 2010 INDEX Awards will make its way through China and India! In Asia this Fall/Winter? Go see a phenomenal exhibit of World-class Innovations!   Tour information from the INDEX website:

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WhalePower Tubercle Technology is a featured biomimicry technology on display at the UC San Diego Birch Aquarium, on display now in their exhibition, BOUNDLESS ENERGY! If you are in the area check it out!   2300 Expedition Way La Jolla, California 92037

Watch The 2009 INDEX Awards Live Online! WhalePower Finalists in Category Community

August 28th, 2009

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